Commercial and Residential construction and processes are not the same and it takes special care to do both. Many times the approach, style, scheduling and even subcontractors are particular to each and every project.  The best residential framer is not necessarily the the right framer to do a steel building.

We use the right subcontractors for the right job.  We look at each project knowing that every one is unique and individual as is the client who has hired us.  One of the great advantages to using base CONSTRUCTORS and why we have such a  strong referral base is our flexibility.  Being flexible means  creating a process that provides the clients expectations to be meet with clear communication,  proper scheduling, quality finishes and balancing costs.

Whether you are a Commercial or Residential client we will always start off with an initial meeting where we will introduce ourselves, discuss the project goals, talk about the time frame, cost and manner for construction. All the  while taking the time and listening to the client so we can understand there vision and expectations clearly.

Upon conclusion of our meeting we will establish an immediate task list and goal set specific to your project.


Now..lets just say you you are simply looking for contractors and trying to find one you like and you really just want information?  Great!...lets have coffee?  We will be happy to schedule an informal meet and greet just see what it is you want in a contractor and if we can be your builder.  So lets have coffee in a casual setting and lets see where the road takes us....use our CONTACT page to set up a time when its convenient for you and we will respond immediately.